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Discover ZT Hotels in Peñíscola and Barcelona

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At ZT Hotels, we don't just offer accommodations; we provide facilities and services for an unforgettable experience that will stay with you. We are a service-oriented company run by people for people. We invite you to discover our establishments where every detail is designed for your enjoyment. We look forward to welcoming you!

City and beach hotels

Experience the pulse of the city by staying in our urban hotels in Barcelona, ​​designed for the modern traveler looking for comfort, style and accessibility to the most iconic points of the city.

Hotels in Peñíscola

We offer four-star hotels and apartments in Peñíscola, as well as a collection of tourist apartments; all located facing the North Beach of Peñíscola.

Hotels in Barcelona

We offer four-star hotels in Barcelona with spa service, meeting and conference rooms, as well as a gastronomic proposal featuring international cuisine.

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At ZT Hotels, we turn every stay into an unforgettable experience. With properties strategically located in Barcelona and Peñíscola, we offer the best of two worlds: the vibrant pace of the city and the relaxing tranquility of the beach.


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Peñíscola and Barcelona

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For centuries, the Mediterranean Sea has enveloped those who approach it with its essence and enchanted them with its magic. Its welcoming climate, the beauty of its beaches, its gastronomy, its culture, and, of course, the hospitality of its people, have always made it a desired destination. We, faithful to that Mediterranean style, incorporate the same spirit into our expertise, working to ensure that your stay in our establishments is a unique experience.